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Goth Moomin

Tales from the Moomin Crypt

Moomin Lou

"Real love is forever...."
addams family, air shows, alan cumming, amethyst, amy brown, angel, anne rice, apocalyptica, arthurian legend, batman, bif naked, bill hicks, black, black books, blackmore's night, books, brandon lee, buffy, candles, care bears, cartoons, castles, cats, chicken pasties, classical, corsets, cuddles, curry, darkness, david eddings, disney, dracula, dragons, dream catchers, eeyore, elane, emilie autumn, enya, epica, erotica, faery, fairytales, falling skies, fantasy art, fawlty towers, flight of dragons, forests, garbage, garnet, gothic, gothic novels, graeme revell, grapes, grosse pointe blank, halloween, heather nova, howard shore, hugs, incense, internet, james o' barr, jane austen, jane green, jessica galbreth, kevin smith, kick ass, kisses, knightmare, lace, last of the mohicans, laughing, leaves eyes, letters, leverage, lightning, lisa jane smith, lisa jewell, little miss naughty, live, lord of the rings, love, marian keyes, middle earth, moomins, muppet babies, music scores, mythology, naps, narnia, narsilion, navel gazing, nene thomas, new rocks, night world, nostalgia, only fools and horses, oscar wilde, ozzy osbourne, postcards, pringles, quotes, rain, reading, rob larson, rock music, roses, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, satin, scary miss mary, shakespeare, silver, simon's cat, six feet under, snuggles, socialising, sons of anarchy, spaced, stationery, subtlety, sunsets, tania kindersley, tattoos, tatty teddies, the crow, the dark angel, the matrix, third eye blind, thunder, thundercats, tim burton, tim minchin, tom hardy, tony mauro, trees, trobar de morte, vampires, vast, velvet, victoria frances, vintage tea parties, vitamin string quartet, weddings, white musk, william blake, windchimes, wit, worst witch, writing, x-men